Printing serves an important and necessary function in business communications.

A professionally designed brochure, catalog, postcard or sell sheet are all products that can be saved by the recipient and conveniently read many times in the comfort of one’s home or office without being online.

For over 20 years our commercial printing company in Connecticut has collaborated with our customers to provide solutions, offering ideas and suggestions:

–  Is there a particular stock that will help increase the effectiveness of a printed piece?
–  Is a postcard or mailing piece the correct size or format to achieve postal discounts?
–  Is there a new idea than can be added to a printed piece to increase the impact without overly complicating the production process?

We review proofs and try to help our customers avoid costly errors before a job is printed.

–  Proofreading – Years of experience has led us to believe that having an “extra pair of eyes” reading customer-supplied files can result in mistakes being corrected BEFORE the job is printed. We often read customer copy to provide assistance and fix errors and typos.
–  Checking graphics – Logos and pictures for print should be high resolution.
What is good enough for the internet might not look professional when printed.
–  Proofing Process – PDF’s are quick and convenient but sometimes important details can be overlooked when hastily viewed ‘on screen’. As part of our review procedure and to assist our customers, we can provide hard copy high resolution proofs when required.
–  If a job is a reprint, have updates been made to critical information such as email addresses and websites? We often question our customers about contact information on re-prints to make sure that obsolete information is not carelessly reprinted.

Please contact Sterling for assistance on your next printing project. We look forward to working with you!

• Brochures and Sell Sheets
• Catalogs and booklets
• Postcards
• Presentation Folders
• Manuals
• Posters and banners
• Binders and tabs
• Newsletters
• Books and magazines
• Graphic Design