In the age of the internet, direct mail remains an effective way to deliver information. Postcards, catalogs and mail pieces sent via the USPS demonstrates that your company has made an investment in time, effort and money to contact an individual. We can help design an effective direct mail piece and guide you through the mailing process.

Standard mail or First Class? Wafer seal? What are the available sizes for mail pieces to ensure rapid processing and cost effective postage rates? Our understanding of the various classes and sizes of mail can be put to use in arriving at a solution for your company or organization.
For every direct mail job, a checklist is created to help ensure that projects stay on track and get completed within our customer’s timeline.

We thoroughly review all details including:

  • Design assistance to meet USPS requirements
  • Print specifications including paper selection, ink colors and number of components
  • Analysis of mailing requirements to help select a cost effective class of mail
  • Postage estimate